Top Five UK Theme Park Changes Coming in 2020

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Photo by The London Resort

It’s not all about new roller coasters- sometimes, the smaller things are worth getting excited about too.

And in 2020, we’ll be seeing plenty of these little changes across the UK’s biggest theme parks. If you’re interested in our now-outdated list of new rides, you can read it here– but for now, let’s take a peak at some of the smaller things to look out for this season!

5. Digitalising Paultons

Continuing a theme that very much started last season, Paultons Park has followed the example of the other top UK parks and created a digital platform to check on queue times! The Paultons app for mobile phones now keeps guests up to date on how big the waits are for all of the park’s major attractions, and on top of this there are now three large electronic boards across the park displaying the same information. As the park grows in popularity and looks to establish itself as one of the very biggest in the country, it’s great to see that they’ve taken this vital step forward.

4. LEGOLAND’s Submarine Ride Overhaul

One of our favourite rides at Legoland Windsor has always been 2011’s Atlantis Submarine Voyage. This inventive Mack Rides attraction took riders on a journey through a large aquarium filled with exotic fish and Lego models themed to the company’s Atlantis range. Now, almost a decade after this range was discontinued, the theme seems to be considered obsolete- and Legoland have opted to make a change.

Fans of the original attraction needn’t worry, as the ride system will remain in place. The big change is in the name- from the 2020 season, it’ll be known as Lego City Deep Sea Adventure, and be recognised as part of Lego City. A brand new facade is being built as we speak, although the impressive Lego submarine outside will remain intact. Little is known about how much will change inside of the ride, but we’re excited to check it out when the park reopens.

3. Initialising

We still don’t really have any idea what Thorpe Park mean when they use this word, but it has to be something big. For several months now, the park have been teasing their guests using the word ‘initialising’ to refer to 2020. While it seems like we now have to accept that there are no big changes coming to the resort for this season- there simply isn’t enough time left- it’s more likely that 2020 will be a year of something getting built. If we’re lucky enough that it’s a new rollercoaster or other e-ticket attraction, it can’t be long until we start to hear about it.

Speaking of Thorpe, they’re rebranding their Thorpe Shark Hotel into the Thorpe Shark Cabins. It could be nothing, could even be a case of keeping visitor’s expectations low- but it could also imply that they’re planning on building their very own proper hotel near the park entrance. We’ll have to wait and see.

2. Gulliver’s Valley

Gulliver’s Valley is a brand new £37m park due to open in Yorkshire in Spring 2020. So why have most of us heard so little about it? Well, that’s a good question. Let’s take a little peek at it now.

From the park’s official website, we can see that it will be filled with an array of lower-cost classic rides in a variety of themed lands. There will be a carousel, pirate ship and teacup ride amongst the opening-day lineup of 16 attractions. This park has kind of come out of nowhere, and it’s a surprise to see so little attention surrounding the opening, but with nothing as of yet to appeal to thrillseekers it could be a while before Gulliver’s Valley really stands out.

1. A Game Changer Could Be Coming

Anyone who’s into theme parks in the UK has probably heard at least a little bit about The London Resort. If you haven’t, the easiest way to put it is that it’s intended to be the UK’s answer to Disneyland. A £3.5b theme park, with room for a water park and second gate too, involving companies such as the BBC, ITV, Paramount and EDF. The catch? We’re still not sure if it will actually happen.

The London Resort has been mooted for a decade now, and countless delays and setbacks have left enthusiasts cynical and unsure if the project is worth getting excited about. However, noises towards the end of 2019 indicate that this dream park may be getting back on track, and they say it’s scheduled to open in 2024. If they can pull this off, we could be looking at a game-changing prospect for the UK theme park industry. It may just force rival parks to step up their game and invest- or else, be left behind by a mammoth.

Do you agree with our picks? Comment your thoughts below and tell us what your #1 would be. Thanks for reading!


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