Top 5 New UK Attractions Opening in 2020

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Photo by Paultons Park

From new rides to whole new areas, there’s plenty to get excited about throughout the UK next year.

It’s New Year’s Eve, and the perfect time to look at some of the things we can’t wait to experience up and down the country over the next twelve months. There’s loads opening across the biggest theme parks in the country, so let’s get started!

5. Duplo Dream Coaster- Legoland Windsor

While it’s hard to get too pumped about a rollercoaster I’ll never ride, the Duplo Dream Coaster will be a welcome addition just to get rid of the construction walls that adorn the edges of Duplo Valley at the moment.

In their infinite wisdom, the bosses at Legoland Windsor have decided that what the park needs is not a big ‘coaster or dark ride to eat up the queues, but another ride aimed exclusively at very young children that even 8-year-olds may feel too big for. Nevertheless, we can’t complain; a cred’s a cred. And perhaps this new ride will contribute in a way to keeping queues down on some of the classic family rides in the area. It also looks like it will be aesthetically pleasing, and the effort is appreciated. The Duplo Dream Coaster won’t stick out like a sore thumb when it opens next season, but I worry that it may not stick out at all.

4. New Rollercoaster- Flamingo Land

If you love Colossus at Thorpe Park but wish it was closer to your home in North Yorkshire, then Flamingo Land have got some great news for you. Their new rollercoaster is almost complete and will open next year- and it’s going to feel awfully familiar for riders who’ve been to Thorpe before.

This new 10-inversion Intamin is assumed to be a rescue job from Brazil’s Hop Hari Amusement Park, who reportedly ran out of money to pay for the ‘coaster. Differences from Colossus will include a revamped first drop and new colour scheme. It will be interesting to see how Flamingo Land theme the ride and make it work without the rockwork and bridges that the original is enhanced so much by.

3. The World of David Walliams- Alton Towers

We still don’t have a wealth of information about this new land that is opening to replace the under-utilised Cloud Cuckoo Land at the UK’s enthusiast paradise. However, we do know that it will star a “ground-breaking, unique headline attraction” and be supported with a number of other changes across the park and even in their hotels. What these new attractions will be is still unclear, although we can expect some re-themes to help make up the numbers.

Since the announcement in October 2019, rumours have been flying around the community about the precise nature of the new area, but the park have remained fairly tight-lipped about the specifics. That said, with their opening day just a few months away, they can’t keep a whole new themed area secret for much longer. Watch this space for news when it drops.

2. New Drop Tower- Chessington World of Adventures

Following the success of Magma at Paultons Park- an inoffensive, well themed and family-friendly drop tower at an inoffensive, well themed and family-friendly park- Chessington have peeked over and said “I fancy some of that”. Removing fan-favourite Rameses Revenge may have been necessary for safety reasons, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t pressure on them to get the replacement ride right.

From planning diagrams, we can see that they’ve opted for a family drop tower themed around a plunge into the open mouth of a waiting crocodile (or Alligator? Who knows?). While there’s certainly a risk that they could get the design wrong and end up with a hideously tacky lump of green plastic in the middle of Forbidden Kingdom, this is Chessington we’re talking about and we trust them to pull it off.

1. Tornado Springs- Paultons Park

Far and away the most exciting new development in the country right now is Paultons Park’s brand new themed area, Tornado Springs. We’ve been following construction for over a year now, and it doesn’t look like this land will disappoint when it opens on 19th May.

While the highlights of the area will be spinning coaster Storm Chaser and gyro swing Cyclonator, it will also feature a water raft ride, two family drop towers, a kid’s truck ride, the reopened Rio Grande train and a driving school. That’s not to mention a diner, confectionary shop and two play areas that will all be themed to a mid-20th century American town. If construction updates on the park’s social media are anything to go by, this is going to be one of the best-themed and most immersive areas in the country, and a brand new coaster credit to boot. We cannot wait.

Do you agree with our picks? Comment your thoughts below and tell us what your #1 would be. Thanks for reading!


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