Top 5 Most Exciting New Attractions Opening In 2021

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Photo by Paultons Park

We didn’t have the 2020 we were hoping for, both in the UK theme park season and in the wider world. But a little optimism never hurt anyone, so here’s a look at some of the new arrivals we’re excited for when parks reopen next year.

For this list, we’ll be looking at brand new attractions that are scheduled to open for the first time at some point in the 2021 season. While we don’t know for sure that all of these things will actually be able to happen in the current climate, we can certainly hope that everything will go as planned.

Honourable Mention: Black Mirror Labyrinth (Thorpe Park)

We very rarely put honourable mentions before our lists, but it’s worth at least mentioning this new walkthrough attraction coming to the Island like no other. The problem is that we know almost nothing about the thing, so it’s hard to get too pumped up for something which could be great or could be a disaster that closes after a few seasons.

5. The World of David Walliams (Alton Towers)

One of three brand new themed areas on the list, The World of David Walliams is the long-awaited replacement for the former Cloud Cuckoo Land. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t concerned about this.

The biggest warning sign is that the park have essentially not bothered advertising the area since the fairly minimal fuss they made when it was first announced. From what we’ve been shown so far it looks like most of the rides will be exclusively for very young children (I mean, one of them is called Raj’s Bouncy Bottom Burp, which should give you an idea of what I’m talking about). There’s hope that the new dark ride, Gangsta Granny: The Ride, might be something unique and interesting, but we’re getting the impression that it’s a very low-cost and small-scale investment.

Of course, Alton might prove everyone wrong and come out with a really nice family area and some fun attractions, but we’re reserving judgement until it’s open.

4. New 10-Inversion Rollercoaster (Flamingo Land)

It wouldn’t be a UK Theme Park season without a new ‘coaster or two, and one of those opening next year is at Yorkshire’s Flamingo Land. This beast is very similar to Colossus at Thorpe Park, including an impressive ten inversions, but there are some subtle differences in the layout- particularly the first drop, meaning it’s not a clone.

Another big change that will make this new (and as yet unnamed) ride unique in the UK is that reports suggest it’ll have lap bar restraints, which could be fantastic for the experience. Icon at Blackpool Pleasure Beach only has one inversion, but it’s one of my favourites in the country, and that’s all down to the restraints being so freeing. So the idea of going upside-down ten times while being able to do whatever I want with my arms is seriously appealing. And let’s be honest- we don’t really need over-the-shoulders, do we? I mean, nobody is going to fall out.

3. Croc Drop and Blue Barnacle (Chessington World of Adventures)

Last year was going to be such a great year for Chessington… and then the virus happened. Still, thankfully, it looks as though they’ll be opening two new attractions next season instead.

The first, named Croc Drop, has got a tall order to replace Rameses Revenge- pun fully intended. We expect this family drop tower to be along the lines of Paulton Park’s guest-favourite Magma, although as of yet there’s still no sign of the model crocodile that initial plans had the ride built into, so perhaps the design has changed. While capacity is a small concern- only sixteen riders per cycle- it will be an interesting addition to a park that sorely needs a more thrilling ride.

There’s also the Blue Barnacle, the park’s new swinging Pirate Ship, replacing their battered old model. This one was named by a fan on social media and will hopefully have plenty of force to it. Who doesn’t love a good ship ride?

2. LEGO Mythica (Legoland Windsor)

You know that area right at the back of Legoland? The one where there’s nothing much to do except a water ride with horrendous throughput and a couple of midway games? Well, not anymore.

LEGO Mythica is replacing that area with something far more up-to-date- a land celebrating mythical creatures. We were all expecting a LEGO Movie-themed area to open in 2021, but it looks like Merlin changed tack at the last minute, which is just as well considering that that film hasn’t been relevant in at least half a decade. To be honest, I was almost wondering what they were thinking with that in the first place.

Instead we’re getting Mythica, which will feature the UK’s first ever flying theatre attraction (Think Soarin’), as well as a re-themed Squid Surfer and (reportedly) two new drop towers. It all sounds intriguing, and we can expect some cool, large-scale model dragons to boot, too.

1. Tornado Springs (Paultons Park)

It had to be, didn’t it? Tornado Springs looks like it could be one of the best new openings in the UK of the whole decade, and we’re only a year in. This themed area was scheduled to open last year, but the virus situation forced a postponement. What that means, though, is that the area is already very nearly finished just a few months before guests first set foot in it- and it looks incredible.

As expected, Paultons look to have nailed the theming, with photos suggesting an extremely immersive experience based on a 1950’s American country town. There’ll be 8 (eight!) rides in the location, including a driving school, two drop towers and a gyro swing, The Cyclonator. That’s without mentioning a big restaurant and even a sweet shop.

And then, of course, is Storm Chaser. This new spinning coaster looks absolutely brilliant, and we can’t wait to try it out when the area opens in March.

Do you agree with our picks? Comment your thoughts below and tell us what your #1 would be. Thanks for reading!


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