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Few theme parks in the UK are undergoing as much change this winter as Chessington World of Adventures.

Between the removal of one fan-favourite and the replacing of another, as well as brand new rides and a new themed land, there’s plenty of new experiences to look forward to at Chessington in the 2020 season. Today, we’re going to get our teeth into everything this year will have to offer for the park, and make some predictions about how the new additions will turn out…

Out With the Old…

We’ll start with the biggest change, which is that Rameses Revenge has left the park for good. The Huss Top Spin had delighted guests for over two decades, but for a variety of reasons operators decided to remove the ride and bring in something new. As late as the start of this month, the ride was still in place, so Chessington are taking their time with the removal process- but we know what will be taking Rameses‘s place next year…

In With the New

The words “family” and “drop tower” haven’t always come hand in hand, but following the success of Magma at Paultons Park, it seems Chessington have come up with their own version of this style. Their new ride will be Egyptian-themed to fit into the Forbidden Kingdom area- and will feature a drop into the open mouth of a waiting crocodile. It’s expected that this development will exist in the same pit as Rameses Revenge and will have a new queue line built to meet demand for a younger audience. You can read more details about the ride in this excellent article.

While we won’t see the new ride open until 2021, we will be able to keep an eye on construction over the next season.

Same Ride, New Setting

While relocating a family ride isn’t exactly huge news, it is a direct consequence of this incoming drop tower. Flying Jumbos will take a new place behind the park’s main gift shop next season, after standing in the same place near Zufari for many years. It will also be rethemed to classic children’s book Elmer. We believe this can only be a good thing because the ride was tucked away and often overlooked in the old site. Now, in a far more central location, we expect it to see much more traffic. The area where it once stood will be used to build the new drop tower’s queue, which will surely be a better way to use one of the most hidden spaces in the park.

Setting Sail Again

When Black Buccaneer didn’t reopen for the 2019 season, enthusiasts were concerned. A sign near where the ride once stood stated that the ride wouldn’t be setting sail that year, but we had no information about if it would ever be back at all. Now, we’ve gotten official news from the park’s social media pages that this fan favourite would be replaced by a new Pirate Ship- this time a blue one. And guests will have the chance to name it. You can submit your own name idea on the park’s official Twitter page by replying to their tweet about the new ship. Whatever it’s called, fans can be glad that there’ll still be a swinging ship at Chessington next year…

Welcome to the Jungle Rainforest

It might indicate how much is going on at Chessington at the moment that a whole new area is only the fifth thing on this list. The Rainforest has been announced as a new themed area in the park, filling up a space that has been largely unthemed for several years. It will incorporate two rethemed attractions and one new ride- Treetop Hoppers will keep the same name, Tiny Truckers will become Jungle Rangers and a new miniature log flume, River Rafts, will join Chessington’s line-up after being relocated from Weymouth SEA LIFE. All three rides will be aimed at younger children, with Capybaras and Tortoises among the animals confirmed to be moving in.

How will it go?

With all the new additions coming over the next year, we’re very optimistic about the park next season. The new drop tower will be a big hit with a huge age range (we just hope the crocodile looks good). Compiling some of the kid’s rides into one themed area seems like a good idea, and moving Flying Jumbos away from that dark corner is a strong move too. Overall, it’s going to be exciting visiting Chessington next season to see the changes. We just hope we have somewhere to get a good look at construction!

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